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BM Steel 3 x 0.5 10G Self Colour 8' x 4' Welded Mesh Sheet

3 x 0.5 10G Self Colour 8' x 4' Welded Mesh Sheet


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Product Specifications
2440 x 1220mm
Self Colour
Square Size (mm)
76.2 x 12.7
Wire Gauge
(10G) 3.25mm
Product Description

At BM Steel, we offer a wide range of quality welded mesh sheets to cater to various industrial and commercial applications. One of our popular products is the 3" x 0.5" 10G Self Colour 8' x 4' Welded Mesh Sheet.

This particular welded mesh sheet is designed to provide strength, durability, and security. It is constructed using high-quality steel wires that are welded together at each intersection to form a rigid and strong mesh pattern. The 3" x 0.5" mesh size allows for excellent visibility while still maintaining security.

With a thickness of 10G (gauge), this mesh sheet offers enhanced durability, making it suitable for demanding applications where strength is a prerequisite. It ensures long-lasting performance, even in challenging environments. The self-colour finish of this welded mesh sheet adds an appealing aesthetic to any project. The natural steel colour offers a classic and timeless look that can blend seamlessly with different architectural styles. If desired, the mesh sheet can be painted or powder coated for added protection against corrosion.

Measuring at 8' x 4', this welded mesh sheet offers a generous size that can cover large areas efficiently. Whether it is for fencing, animal enclosures, security barriers, or other applications, this mesh sheet provides ample coverage and versatility to meet your specific requirements.

The 3" x 0.5" 10G Self Colour 8' x 4' Welded Mesh Sheet is also compatible with a range of accessories and fixing systems, allowing for easy installation. Whether you need to create a permanent structure or a temporary enclosure, this mesh sheet provides flexibility for different installation methods.

At BM Steel, we prioritise the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Our welded mesh sheets meet high-quality standards, and we hold relevant certificates to demonstrate their compliance with industry regulations. You can trust us to deliver products that are reliable, durable, and safe.

For more information about our products, services, and group websites, please explore our website or contact our knowledgeable customer service team. We are here to assist you with any queries and provide you with the best solutions for your project needs. Choose BM Steel for quality welded mesh sheets and exceptional customer service.

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