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Frameless Glass Doors

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Frameless Glass Doors FAQs

What is a frameless glass door?

Frameless glass doors are created using thick glass plates, which are then hung onto a frameless glass frame. You’ll sometimes see a large beam positioned above the doors that supports the pivots on top.

What are frameless glass doors used for?

Frameless glass doors are perfect if you’re looking for the flexibility of bringing two rooms in your office or home together but still want to keep the option of having a partition when you need it. Frameless glass doors are also an excellent option for creating indoor/outdoor flow as they eliminate the feeling of a barrier a more solid door creates.

What are the benefits of frameless glass doors?

The biggest benefit of frameless glass doors is that they provide flexibility. Frameless doors are a far more workable alternative compared to traditional doors because they take up less swinging space. This makes both the rooms they’re bringing together seem bigger.

What are the disadvantages of frameless glass doors?

One of the few disadvantages of frameless doors is that they can be more expensive than regular doors. This is because the thick glass must be specially made. BM Steel’s prices, however, are very competitive.

Is frameless glass more expensive?

Yes. The high-quality glass used in these frameless doors costs more to manufacture than the thinner, lighter glass, so the cost increases accordingly. 

How do I fit a frameless glass door?

The first thing to do is set the fixed glass partition and the movable glass door leaf out and position them evenly. After that, you’ll need to install the limit slot at the top of the frameless glass door. Then you install the bottom wooden bracket of the frameless glass door’s metal facing. The next step is installing the rigid door frame, after which you’ll need to install the glass door leaf and get the glass fixation done. Then it’s just a matter of glass glue sealing and installing the butt joint between the glass of the frameless doors.