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Door Hardware

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Door Hardware FAQs

What hardware is required for doors?

The essential hardware doors need are closers, door chains, handles, hinges, locks, stoppers, and tower bolts.

What is door hardware typically made from?

Door hardware can be made from a number of different materials. BM Steel stocks door hardware that’s manufactured using stainless steel.

What are the different types of door locks?

At BM Steel, we have brackets, electromagnetic locking, hybrid locking, shearlocks, and stainless steel electromagnetic locking.

How do I fit a door lock?

Electromagnetic and shear locks are installed at the top of a door and are controlled by an electric connector that activates to unlock or lock the door. They’re ideal for linking to burglar and fire alarms in automated settings as they add an extra layer of security to the premises.

How do I fit a door closer?

The first step is to identify the direction of the door swing, and then you’ll need to mark the drilling locations. Then drill the holes and install the door closer body. Install the swingarm bracket and attach the swingarm to the closer before adjusting it. Or you could opt for BM Steel floor spring units, which work in a similar way but are concealed within the floor. These closers are ideal for glass doors that have high foot traffic or must be kept shut for safety reasons.