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15mm Mini-Mesh Gritted GRP Grating


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Product Specifications
Gritted Top
ISO FR Polyester Resin Class 2
(W)3660mm x (L)1220mm
Product Description

A great alternative to our Standard Open-Mesh GRP Grating panels is our Mini-Mesh range of GRP Mesh Grating. Our open Moulded Mini Mesh Grating Panels are Non-Slip, Weather and Chemical Resistant - as well as being durable, lightweight and able to be cut to your sizing specification, making it ideal for walkway grating applications.

19mm x 19mm GRP Mini Mesh Grating Panels in RAL7043 Grey.

19mm x 19mm Mesh Size Centre.

15mm Depth.

3660mm Length.

1220mm Width.

RAL7043 Grey.

Non Slip Gritted Finish.

Panels designed to achieve all ball-proofing design requirements.

Panels can be cut to size and shape as per your designs requirements.

The Mini Mesh Panels have reduced sized openings - the reduced sizes of the holes (14mm x 14mm rather than 38mm x 38mm or larger) allow for customers to ensure ball-proof requirements are met and prevents debris to fall through the flooring, the smaller holes also offer smoother movement for small wheeled trolleys, prams, wheelchairs etc.

The GRP Mini Mesh Grating is a versatile, reliable, high quality flooring and a credible alternative to steel mesh grating. With proven reliability in high traffic areas giving excellent slip resistancy it works equally well in all sorts of aggressive and corrosive environments and at extreme temperatures.

As well as it's cost effectiveness, due to the simplicity of fabricating and installating the panels, this severely reduces the time requirement for installation - using the panels should ensure there is no need for delay, which makes the panels ideal for use in areas where unfavourable disruption may take place where panels are required. The panels are also lightweight, so are easy to transport and ideal for hard to reach areas. Open Moulded Mini Mesh is commonly used for many applications - commonly supplied for industrial applications where ball proof requirements exist, or Marina Jetty's to mention a few.

The lightweight, corrosion and fire resistant (ASTM E 84) flooring offers a zero-maintenance solution for anti-slip flooring in the most aggressive industrial environments. Our products are manufactured to comply and adhere to British Standards EN ISO 14122 Permanent Means of Access to Industrial Equipment and BS 4592 Industrial Flooring, Walkways and Stair Treads regulations.

BM Steel can offer fixing clips, to suit depending on specific grating panel type and it's intended application.

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