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Drilling, Punching, Shearing & Cropping

IMS are experts in precise and efficient drilling, punching, shearing and cropping services specialising in transforming steel into customised components tailored to your specifications. We use advanced techniques and cutting-edge machinery to deliver unparalleled accuracy and superior finish. Whether you need us to punch holes in metal, drill intricate holes, or provide seamless cropping, we guarantee exceptional results.


Metal drilling

We can drill all of the structural steel sections that we have in stock and, with a choice of tooling options available, we can produce and deliver the finished steel section that you need to your specifications.

Our Ficep drill lines run 24 hours a day and are extremely high specification meaning that the quality of your project is maintained whilst also delivering a quick turnaround time.


Metal drilling capabilities:

  • Drilled Holes from 8mm to 40mm
  • Milled Holes over 40mm
  • Milled slots with a width from 14mm
  • Coped or notched ends and edges
  • Max length: 18,300mm
  • Max profile width: 1,017mm
  • Max profile height: 500mm
  • Flats, Angle, Box Section, Column, Beams, and Channel
  • Scribing
  • Hard stamping as standard


Metal punching and shearing

Our Ficep punch and shear line utilises a state of the art punch and die set to create precision holes and shapes in steel sheets, beams or plates. Again running 24 hours a day, we can punch high volumes of steel at speed, without compromising on quality or results, so whatever your project requirements are, IMS can accommodate with satisfaction guaranteed.

Our Ficep Tipo D4 punch and shear line is perfectly suited for high or low-volume processing angles and flats and channels.


Metal punching and shearing capabilities:

  • Punch high volumes
  • Horizontal and Vertical punching
  • Round, square, triangle, and slot shapes
  • Scribing as standard
  • Slots in 26mm or 30mm length, with a variety of widths from 12mm to 22mm


Speak to IMS today about your metal drilling, punching, shearing and cropping requirements.