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Steel Purchasing Advise - FAQs

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Can you advise what product I should use?

Unfortunately not, if you require structural steel for a building project you will need the services of a Structural Engineer will be able to determine the specifications for your project.

The product I require is not listed, can you supply it?

There are many different types and grades of steel, we have extensive supply chains and can supply a huge range of products.  If the product you require is not listed please contact your nearest depot

Can you supply my material cut to specific sizes?

Yes, all of our depots have specialist cutting equipment for processing most steel products.  Use the bespoke sizing option online or get in touch with your nearest depot to discuss your requirements.

Will you supply small quantities of steel?

Yes, no order is too small for us.

Can we offer steel cutting facilities?

We have in house facilities to provide accurate mitre cutting, cold sawing & flame cutting.  
All shearing & profiling is handled by our third party suppliers. We project manage to ensure a satisfactory result.

Why do steel prices vary/fluctuate?

Steel making is an energy intensive industry and for this reason, energy prices, especially oil and natural gas prices, have an important effect on this industry.
The greatest influence on steel prices is the price of fuel. Almost all metals require high heat to make basic industrial products such as sheet metal, wire, rods, and bars.
Most foundries use natural gas, coal, or electricity to produce that heat, and when fuel costs go up, so does the cost of the metals.

Do you offer a machining service?

We are able to offer this through a third party with whom we have worked for many years.

Can you get things Galvanised or Painted?

All finishing, Painting and Galvanising etc is handled by our third party suppliers. We project manage to ensure a satisfactory result.

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