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IMS's Solar Installation

Buckle up, our latest project has just arrived and we're so excited to share it with you! Soon our IMS Shoeburyness location will have 496 panels laid onto warehouse roof. This huge step for us is a part of our commitment to having green facilities and reducing our overall impact on the environment. Today is the 5th of June 2024 and we're currently at week 2 of the project. The panel installation is running according to plan plus the internal electrics are currently being finished and are way ahead of schedule, getting us just that little bit closer to having all machines in this warehouse solar powered.

Week 1 & 2

Week 3


System Size


System Generation

48 Tonnes

Carbon Saving

“IMS have significantly invested in advancing our business and its carbon footprint since MISI acquisition, between upgrading our facilities, new plant and machinery and new vehicles.

As our flagship site, leading our sustainable movement is crucial, the next logical investment was to consider solar panels. After conclusion of a feasibility study, we then decided to sign off a sizeable 220KkWp system.

The new solar package, situated on WH1, will run our existing and new machinery investments on our own clean energy, setting the standards in our company and our industry.”

Michael McLintock Group Commercial & Operations Director


A total of 496 panels will be installed covering an array area of 843m2. The system consists of 27 strings and 2 inverters with a panel rating of 445 Watts. Over a 1-year period the system will generate a massive 208,278kWh! We hope to see the highest yield running from June till September when the suns at its strongest (If the UK weather cooperates).

The company is thrilled about this project and its illustrious benefits. The panels carbon savings should rest at around 48 TONNES.

Check back soon for further details of the projects progression.

Posted by Oliver Ruddling
5th June 2024

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