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Metal Saw Cutting

Metal saw cutting involves using a saw blade to cut through materials such as steel. This process is widely used in industrial applications where precision and efficiency are crucial.

Discover our cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship, ensuring clean and precise cuts on various metal materials. Our saw cutting expertise meets the highest industry standards and we specialise in tailored solutions, catering to your project needs.

We utilise Kaltenbach saw lines which can accommodate up to an 18,300 mm bar length with a straight cut tolerance of 2mm. This high level of accuracy ensures your finished material is ready to fit into your construction project. Integration with our other production lines gives us the capability to meet complex specifications for custom-made projects.

We can cut angles, box sections, tubes, columns, beams, and channels; tooling with either mitre, slew, or straight-cut profiles.


Metal saw cutting capabilities

  • Max bar length: 18,300mm
  • Max profile width: 1,017mm
  • Max profile height: 500mm
  • Straight cut tolerance: +/- 2mm


We operate 11 saw lines which run 24 hours a day for optimum efficiency and fast turnaround times.

Speak to IMS today about your metal cutting requirements.