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IMS refurb Shoeburyness Waterman's Association tractor

Local Steel Stockolders IMS has come to the aid of the historic Shoebury Waterman’s Association, providing a full refurb of the association’s tractor. 

SWA engineer Mick Bowman said;

‘We’ve had this tractor for 25 years and I’ve been maintaining it as well as I can, but it’s in need of some serious work now.’   

SWA reached out to IMS, who have got to work!  Stripping the tractor and fixing the steering, the brakes, re sealing, repainting, and spraying as needed. 

‘IMS are always keen to help local groups and charities whenever they can, and this one is close to us as we have colleagues who are members of the SWA.’  They’re a growing club with 63 boats and over 100 members

The Shoebury Waterman’s Association was founded in the early 1950’s

Providing affordable boating maintenance facilities to local boat owners. The associations members own small recreational vessels and yachts, used mainly for fishing in the spring and summer months. 

The SWA provides its members with recovery, storage and launch services using its two tractors and boat trailer.  Their tractors are on hand to help launch, and then recover the boats at the end of the season ready for storage.  It’s an essential vehicle for the SWA and they are looking forward to its return with all the essential works completed, ready for the first haul out at the beginning of October! 

The SWA have been a part of the local community for years and the association has a real community spirit. Members of the coastal community team they help the council when asked, collecting wreckage and debris from the coastline, making it safer for all those who use the estuary.

The Shoebury Waterman’s Association and it’s members are keen to attract a younger generation and get them interested in boats so that generations of knowledge and community spirit is able to live on. 

If you would like to find out more about the Shoebury Waterman’s Association you can find them here shoebury watermans and on their Facebook page

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24th October 2022

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